To cheat or not to cheat?

So many times I have come across the “cheat meal” concept and every time it left me wondering why do we cheat when it comes to food?

For many, weekly cheat meals are a way of keeping sane and not losing your mental stability over obsessive healthy eating. People also claim that cheat meals help boost your metabolism and assist in fatloss. Somehow this has never worked for me. I am definitely not a perfect machine that never fails and I will lie if I claim not liking ice-cream or excessive amount of cheese and red wine. I most definitely LOVE that stuff. But I also know it is GARBAGE and rewarding your body with garbage is a bad way to repay for all the hard work it is doing for me. There is something inherently wrong about it, don’t you think?

Another problem for me is that once this delicious creamy cheesecake or ice cream touches my lips – I suddenly develop a taste for it and start wanting it more and more and it will be haunting me unless I a) stuff my face with it till I feel sick or b) pull my entire will power together and try to stop my sweaty hands from grabbing another helping. My will power is pretty strong, but not always. Best solution? – don’t even go there!


Trying not to treat food as reward or punishment really helps to stay away from all the garbage and junk. Healthy food is fuel for your body and a lifestyle choice, not a diet. Vegans do not have beef burgers as “cheat meals”, do they?  And healthy food does not have to be tasteless and boring – it can be delicious and satisfying and at the same time not cost you a fortune!

If I have to eat a huge slab of cake to keep my aunt happy – I’ll definitely do that with easy heart and enjoy a single bite of it, but it’s not a reward – just a step away from a norm. It takes quite a while to start enjoying eating healthy and embracing it as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. And no need of cheat meals any more! Just give yourself a break and an occasional slippage during an otherwise healthy eating lifestyle is not going to be a problem any more.

I think I am going to make a banoffee pie for my boys now and will surely have a bite.

2 thoughts on “To cheat or not to cheat?

  1. L @ Trying Not to be Fat

    For me, I do not plan to cheat. Nor do I really consider it cheating. Sometimes I eat unhealthy food. But it is balanced with tons of healthy eating. I think when people plan cheat days is where they come into trouble. The waiting for the day, the agony they must endure until saturday when they can shovel french fries into their face. It doesn’t seem healthy. I see dieting as relearning HOW to eat. You can still eat the same stuff, just in way different proportions.

    1. taniatc Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I absolutely agree with you and think this is the right way to go. To me, planning a cheat is like setting yourself up to failure. I am not a machines that eats only veggies and chicken breast, but I’d rather plan to eat right and learn to enjoy it and how it makes me feel.


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