“Hollywood Cookie Diet” or my new TOP-Secret weight loss plan

I must admit I have stopped reading all the celebrity/style/fitness/healthy magazines long back after getting bored and annoyed with the amount of total nonsense they publish. Secrets of celebrity weight loss, instant tone-up workouts, ripped abs in 5 minutes a day and other crap. But recently I was found guilty browsing though Men’s Health and this is what I bump into:

Cooke a day keeps pounds away!?

Cooke a day keeps pounds away!?

Honestly, I thought it is a joke! Checked the date of the magazine – nope, it was not the 1st of April.  This is indeed a “diet” that is even endorsed by some celebrities. I  mean I know of all these fad diets and meal replacement plans with shakes and smoothies instead of your breakfast lunch and dinner, but cookies??? I must be a very stupid person, but I truly cannot understand 2 things:

  • How can anyone buy into THIS?
  • How can anyone be shameless enough to sell and market THIS?

Oh well, I know I am indeed stupid and naive. Anyways, out of pure curiosity I even googled this “diet” in the deep sea of internet sh*t and this is what  found. You need to replace you breakfast and lunch with these yummy chemical-filled, ridiculously expensive cookies, eating up to 4 a day, and then have dinner. Repeat for as long as you desire. Simple. Easy. Brings results. Awesome, isn’t it? Each cookie is around 140-150 calories, so you would have eaten 600 calories by dinner time. Lets assume that you totally pig out at dinner and eat something worth 1000 calories which will bring us to 1600 calories a day. Result? I guarantee you will lose weight. I also guarantee that you would have shot your metabolism in the head by the time you stopped “cookie-dieting” and would have gained your weight back even quicker than you lost it. I think I am also going to invent a fad diet, something along the lines of “Train you ass off and eat clean”. I am yet to think of a nice marketable name for it. For some reason I think my business venture will fail. People want easy success and don’t want to accept the truth… Diel pill

1 thought on ““Hollywood Cookie Diet” or my new TOP-Secret weight loss plan

  1. kathleen

    Mmmmm…now I want a full-fat lemon cookie. This seems like a good idea, to substitute them for meals, at least if you’re a sweet tooth. Me, I’m a salt freak, so if they had the Hollywood Chip Diet instead of Hollywood Cookie Diet, I’d try that.


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