Mobile workout No 1

I am now on a beautiful island of Mauritius (unfortunately for work, not for pleasure) and wanted to share with you a mobile workout (MBW) I did this morning. I normally do such mobile workouts when travelling, when I cannot go to the gym or don’t have enough time on my hands. These workouts are short – not more than 20 min, but they are very intense and my butt gets kicked every time. The clue to getting a nice session in – you need to push yourself REALLY REALLY hard!

You don’t need any equipment for these workouts and can do them virtually everywhere even if you are confined to a small hotel room like I was this morning – I did mine in 1 meter space between bed and wall lol.

So here goes MBW No 1 I did this morning and managed to complete 7 reps of the main set:

Mobile workout 1Workout tips:

  • AMRAP means as many repetitions as possible – in 10 minutes you need to complete as many repetitions of the main set as you possibly can. Push yourself really hard – this pain will last only 10 minutes and it is totally worth it!
  • Push-ups – you can do knee push-ups if you find normal push-ups a little hard. You can also add some variation and do wide or close-arm push-ups or put you feet on a bed or chair and do elevated push-ups.
  • Squats – try to do as many jumping squats as you can, but if they become too difficult – you can do normal squats. The key here is to squat deep and push through the heels.

Try not to rest between exercises in the set and even between sets if possible – push yourself really hard to complete as many repetitions as you can and you will get a great overall body workout!

Let me know how many reps you could complete and how it felt!

3 thoughts on “Mobile workout No 1

  1. pwhent

    I have a motto that if you are committed to keeping fit then it is not about FINDING time to exercise but about MAKING time to exercise. This is a great example of that. Many people would think being confined to a small hotel room on a business trip meant no exercise. But you have found a way. Awesome!

  2. thera24

    Tania!! Amazing posts and awesome information for all … Keep them coming. Truly an inspiration to me with your dedication. I’m going to have to get my ass off the couch even after a long day of work in that crazy place called Emaar!!!


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