Pre marathon thoughts

Its Thursday evening and tomorrow 7 am I will be at the starting line of my second Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon. I wish I could say that I am ready and confident, but I am not. I have mixed feelings about this race. And it is not really about my training – of course I could have done a little more and a little better, but this is almost always the case. I still know I did the runs that I was supposed to do, some of them were good and some – well, not so much, but this is what running is all about.

It is always simpler when you do something for the first time – you don’t really know what to expect and you just do it. But now this is my second marathon race and I kinda know what I am in for, and that makes me think too much.

I think I haven't forgotten anything... Whats left now is just to run.

I think I haven’t forgotten anything… Whats left now is just to run.

My doubts and concerns are more psychological  I guess…

What if my IT bands starts playing up again? Last long run I started feeling it at 20k, I do nope it will keep silent for at least 2/3 of the race. 

And my left knee – it has not been behaving well this year….

Did I make the right choice about shoes? Nike Frees are awesome shoes to run in but for marathon distance? Well, too late to think about it now.

How will my stomach hold on? GI problems have been haunting me for the past couple of months and it could completely break my run.

I read so much about race strategies of other runners. Bummer – I don’t have a race strategy! Just run and try to stick to my goal pace for as long as I can!  I will be pretty upset if I run slower than last year. I keep telling myself not to think about time, after all I am definitely not the fastest runner out there, but I love to compete against myself and do better than I did before. And that is my major goal for tomorrow’s race – do it stronger and faster than last year. I know that If I have a good day – I can do it! The question is “Am I going to have a good day tomorrow?”

I know that all my doubts will be gone when I am standing there at the start line. Once the horn goes off – you just run and try to make it to the finish line as soon and strong as you possibly can.

So I say – bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Pre marathon thoughts

  1. pwhent

    The sentence you have written immediately after the one saying you don’t have a race strategy…..that is your race strategy – and it’s a pretty good one!!! Good luck.


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