Paleo diet experiment – can I live like a cavewoman?

Marathon training occupied a huge part of my life for the past several months, and now that the race is over and I have around 1 month of relative break before diving head down into  training for an ultra race in June, I decided to occupy my little hungry brain with another challenge of becoming a cavewoman! Not literally but rather dietary – I decided to try a Paleo diet for a month and see what the results will be.

I have been pretty much diary-free for several years now, though I do occasionally indulge in a cup of milky tea, yogurt and icecream. I am lactose intolerant and these little indulgences do not do any good to my stomach. And now its interesting for me to see if I can totally eliminate legumes and grains from my diet as well.

Relationship with my own GI tract has never been an easy one. I have what my parents call a “sensitive stomach”, which means it chooses to react weirdly to foods that on other occasions it accepts easily. I have been checked for various allergies as a kid but never tested positive to anything. Nevertheless, even now I can never rely on my stomach to perform the way it needs to and that becomes a serious problem if you are a runner.

While reading Robb Wolf’s book “Paleo Solution” last month, I decided I would give it a go once my race is over. I am not totally convinced how feasible this diet is for someone doing long hours of endurance training – this type of training needs lots of carbs though it is  true that the more efficient your body is in utilizing fat, the better it is for your long-term performance.

Anyways, I am giving this diet a go for one month. Why for one month? Well, I want to see how it affects me and my training and then decide if I can stick with this kind of eating. As I am starting to train for an ultramarathon, I will be doing many long, slow and once again long hours of running. There is a lot of information out there on ultra-training and paleo  – some say that this is a terrible combo, some are trying to prove that paleo and ultra can survive together quite harmoniously.  Guess I am about to see.

Even though the main part of my training kicks in in March, I am still planning to clock up to 60 km/ week this month and race a half marathon. There is a lot more weight training in stock as well and I hope paleo eating will be really beneficial to that with all the protein I am about to shove into my mouth. Weight, or rather, fat loss is not my major goal, but it will be a nice side-effect if it happens at all.

I will be posting my weekly status updates (read: moaning and complaining of not being able to eat my favorite oats for breakfast and being fed up with eggs) as well as some food and recipe ideas that I am starting to research right now. For now my understanding of paleo is grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli – and I am already bored even thinking about it! Being not the best cook out there, you can be rest assured that whatever recipes are posted on this blog will be easy, fast and relatively digestible lol.

Do let me know if you have tried paleo diet before or you are currently paleo and how if affected you. I will be grateful for any feedback or advice!

3 thoughts on “Paleo diet experiment – can I live like a cavewoman?

  1. lostinalife

    I’ve read up on Paleo quite a bit (and am actually living that way myself) and what I’ve heard is that runners/marathoners typically eat more fruits than us other Paleo folk. The extra carbs from the sugar help supply what you need to get through the workout.

    Just what I’ve heard…thought I’d share! Good luck 🙂

    1. Tania_tc Post author

      Thank you! I was also thinking this way, and try and load up more on fruit for a higher carb intake. After all, the last Western States 100 mile race was won by a paleo runner, so it can’t be that bad 😀


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