Quick breakfast mobile workout No 2

Its been 3 days since my marathon and I feel like I am ready to slowly start getting back into training. I am not sore any more and haven’t worn my compression pants for the last 2 days which means I am ready to start working out again. I am planning to keep my running to minimum this week and concentrate on some short little circuits, stretching, foam rolling and a little bit of weights.

This is a quick workout I did this morning before heading out, it again does not need any equipment just like a previous one and can be done virtually anywhere. It took me somewhere around 10 minutes to complete and its a great overall body workout that you can finish off with some stretching.

I love doing quick sessions like this in the morning before breakfast – they wake me up and charge with a lot of energy for the day.

MW 2

Workout tips:

  • For burpees with side hops – roll a towel and put it on the floor. Perform a burpee along one side of the towel, then hop sideways with both legs to the other side and perform another burpee. If normal push-up is a little too hard, you can modify it to knee push-up
  • To make sit-ups a little harder you can hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball in front of you. I was using a 4 kg medicine ball today. 

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