February Challenge – Death by Burpees!

Today I had an amazing leg session in the gym with some heavy weight low rep squats, weighted jumping lunges and other awesome stuff that makes you legs wobble and shake. Like that was not enough, I had this awesome idea to finish off with a little cardio session. Cardio it is then! How many burpees can I do in 5 min? Burpees! What an amazing combination of strength and cardio, Squats, jumps and push-ups in one bottle. What can be better?

In reality burpees suck! They make you wish you were never born, they make your lungs burn and your heart jump out of your chest and start beating somewhere in the throat. I hate burpees. But I also love them, if that makes any sense.

So while almost dying there on around 2nd minute of this self-induced torture, I decided to challenge myself for the month of February and see by how much I can improve my burpee count by the end of the month.

Feb burpee challenge

My score today was 56 hand-release burpees in 5 minutes. I kinda thought I could do better. What can I say  – burpees are a very humbling exercise. Curious to see how much I can improve by end of the month!

Let the burpee fun begin! You are most welcome to join this little challenge and test your burpeeing abilities with me 😀

5 thoughts on “February Challenge – Death by Burpees!

  1. RunToInspire

    Death By Burpees is hideous- we did it at my crossfit the other week. The timer starts, and in the first minute, you have to do 1 burpee. When minute 2 hits, you have to do 2 burpees. Minute 3… 3 burpees.

    It sounds easy… but wait till you get up to 12, 13… 14…

    Great challenge though…. I’m tempted….

  2. Sarah C

    I actually heard a guy ask his friend what a burpee was tonight. And he looked like it was not the first time he’d set foot in a gym, so I had to try not to laugh.

    1. Tania_tc Post author

      hey Sarah, you will be surprised that I know a lot of guys who are literally “gym rats” but have never heard of burpees and many other CF-type workouts either. Mostly those guys who are into traditional bodybuilding and don’t really care about anything else.


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