My Paleo diet experiment – week 1

The first week of me being a Paleo guinea pig is over and I wanted to share some of the results with you.

First of all I have to make a confession as I have fallen prey to non-paleo foods 3 times last week:

  • Could not resist a spoonful of mashed potato when preparing dinner for my boys. Terrible, I know!
  • Green beans are legumes, right? You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But my brain did not alert me about this common knowledge when I was happily munching on steamed beans for lunch on Monday…
  • I was fighting a handful of peanuts on Friday evening. I tried my best. The battle was long and bloody. Peanuts won. I lost 

Now that my soul is clean I can continue. Not sure how those cheats have affected the purity of the experiment but lets hope that not everything is lost. I promise I will be a better girl next week.

There were some good and bad things related to my new diet

The good:

The diet kept me full – I pretty much ate every time I would feel hungry which is my usual 5 times a days and even though the portions were not particularly huge they kept me satisfied. I was definitely not starving myself and even though I do not really count calories, I can estimate somewhere around 2,000 cal a day.

I was also not craving bread, rice and and other yummy stuff (not counting the mash potato spoon here, it was a pure accident! lol) which was a real surprise. You see, I live in a house with 2 men and both of them love themselves a nice slice of toast or a piece of french stick, which means that this stuff is everywhere around the house. As well as chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other sinful pleasures.

I am not craving sweets or chocolate either. I should admit that I generally don’t have a sweet tooth though I would enjoy an occasional ice ream or chocolate. Raisins, dates and bananas did it for me this week.

I am yet to get used to the fact that I can eat FAT. I mean, come on, FAT is bad, isn’t it? I had gammon this week – something that I would not eat otherwise because its so fatty, and that tasted sooooo good!

It looks like I’m losing weight. Even though weight loss is not on my goal list for this challenge, I am still regularly weighing myself just for the sake of keeping track on when to buy a new pair of jeans. Last Sunday I was @60 kg, and this Sunday I am @59. I am not really paying too much attention to this as my weight can fluctuate by 1-2 kg within a single day so I will just keep tracking my scale readings to see if this is a genuine tendency.

And in general I can say that I feel great, my stomach is not protesting against this new diet and I am having loads of energy! Though I have to admit this week was a recovery week from the marathon and I only ran a total of 20 km and did 3 strength workouts – this is much less than I would normally do in a week, so I am yet to discover what my energy levels would be when I am back into the full swing of training.

The bad:

Just like I thought I am having problems with red meat as I don’t really like its taste no matter how it is cooked. I made a nice beef stew last week that lasted me several days but I can’t say I am really enjoying it. Not sure If I should force myself to liking red meet or just stick with poultry, pork, seafood and eggs.

Preparing breakfast is becoming increasingly harder! There is nothing compared to the quickness of a bowl of bran or oats in the morning. I normally rush out of the house by 6:30 am which does not leave much time for kitchen magic, so I ended up eating the usual non-breakfast food and left-overs from dinner the night before. Saves time but not much fun.

I am yet to figure out how to reduce the number of eggs I eat before I turn myself into a chicken. Eggs for breakfast, boiled eggs for snack, eggs as a base for pancakes (will post the recipe later) – that is really too much. Next week I will try to eat no more than 6 eggs in a week.

Most of the paleo recipies I am finding presume that you a) can cook and b)have all the time in the world to cook. This is not my case. I am a very average cook, and I don’t really have much time for this except for the weekends. I need to expand my knowledge of fast and quick paleo recipes asap or I will simply go mad eating steamed chicken breast.

Ordering food in a restaurant is TOUGH 😀 ” No rice for me, but extra salad please. No, I don’t want potato either. No fries, thank you. In fact no potato in any form. And no cream sauce please. Better no sauce at all, just some olive oil. And no cheese on the salad, please don’t forget that. I’m sorry, I have requested not to put cream sauce on the fish. Yes, if you can change that please, thank you!” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I am sure I will be poisoned by one of the waiters in out local club house where we eat several times a week!

As you can see, so far my experiment has been pretty good and I am quite happy to get into the second week.  Bring it on and I’m positive I will have strength to resist Mr. Potato and Mr. Peanut as I’ve got the army of cashews and almonds on my side!

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