Challenges of a Paleo traveller

Last week I had to travel for several days to an amazing country of Zimbabwe. I love Zimbabwe, it is totally green, fresh and you can see zebras wandering around in city parks of Harare. What is there not to love? Zimbabwe itself is an absolute paradise for any Paleo eater with a great variety of grass-fed and organic meats and poultry, crispy fresh veggies and fruit, however reaching there meant travelling for 10 hours by Emirates Airline.

I travel quite a lot and can tell you pretty much in advance what 95 percent of in-flight meals will looks like. Breakfast will be some fruit, egg (if you are lucky) and croissant with jam and butter. Lunch and dinner will normally be some sort of meat with rice/ pasta/ potato. And snacks, if any, are sandwiches and biscuits.

If the flight is less than 5 hours I would not probably even bother and just carry fruit, nuts and jerky with me, but a 10 hour flight called for serious planing and proper meals, otherwise I could easily be taken for a terrorist because of my violent hunger-induced behavior.

I have to admit that Emirates airlines do have various meal options, including vegetarian, vegan, diary-free and gluten-free, but unfortunately not Paleo. I have requested for a gluten-free meal for my return flight as I was curious to check out what exactly they would bring.

Going to Harare, I decided to pack my own stuff: chicken, salad, broccoli, boiled eggs,  some nuts and fruit. Simple, easy, not too messy and it worked perfectly fine. My fellow passengers and air hostesses did look at me with some kind of suspicion though, but why should I care?

Flight back was a more interesting experience. As you remember I requested for a gluten-free meal. Well, I guess it was gluten-free, but it was not something that I could eat, and mind you, I am not a fussy eater! I got rice cakes soaked in butter, vegetables dripping in oil, loads of potatoes and chicken in a funny-smelling creamy source. The second meal came with a piece of bread, and I do have suspicions it was not gluten-free as it looked exactly as bread on the tray of a guy sitting across the aisle from me.  Anyhow, I was lucky to get a night flight back, so I simply didn’t eat anything, watched “Argo” and happily slept throughout the rest of the flight.

Pre-packing food for a flight or a long travel is an absolute must for me it I don’t want to steer away from the usual way of eating or gorge on junk that is widely available in the airports and on the flights. Crap food is strong! It lures you in and then totally defeats you on its own territory!

2 thoughts on “Challenges of a Paleo traveller

  1. mypollutedlife

    I’ve decided I need to get my nutrition back on point. I’ve found that I’m reaching for way more starchy or high sugar crap to make up the calories after long runs than I ever used to and it’s making me feel terrible. I may well give Paleo a go although I’m also considering dropping all red meat … it just feels right, rather than having done any extensive research 🙂

  2. Tania_tc Post author

    It is too early for me to say if this diet is affecting my endurance training as I am just entering into a high mileage phase, but I have to admit I feel so much better, my stomach is finally working like a clock and my cravings for sugar and carbs are almost gone. And I am definitely losing fat – something I am not even working on, its just happening on its own! I am not a big fan of red meat either and hardly ever eat it myself, I mostly rely on seafood and chicken/ turkey. Give it a go and see how it makes you feel 🙂


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