Paleo diet experiment – week 4. Whats next?

Finally week 4 of my strict Paleo diet experiment is over, and I am totally chuffed with the results!

I have to admit I was a little skeptical going into this experiment. True, I have never eaten too much diary or grains before, so it was not a great shock for me to eliminate them completely, but I was really not sure if this particular diet would work, considering this ridiculous amount of endurance training that I am doing right now. For those who do not know – I am embarking on a journey to become an ultra-marathoner and training for my 1st 100 km race in June. That is in addition to regular strength training. Anyhow 4 weeks ago I pulled myself together and jumped into this experiment with an open mind. 

To cut the story short, results of these 4 weeks have been absolutely awesome. Here are some observations:

  1. I feel GREAT! I don’t have as many stomach problems as I used to have before, my energy is through the roof and I even sleep much better, despite this annoying alarm clock that keeps waking me up though out the night   

    My alarm clock wakes me up every morning at 4 am and demands food!

    My alarm clock wakes me up every morning at 4 am and demands food!

  2. I’ve lost fat even though I am not restricting myself in food! This was a very unexpected and welcome result! Being able to see better muscle definition while stuffing yourself with burgers is definitely an undeniable plus! I might gather courage and post before and after pics here. Some day… May be…
  3. I am much stronger now – I managed to significantly increase my lifts, more than I would normally anticipate. Not sure if this is diet related or not, but lets assume it is 😀
  4. Surprisingly enough my running has not been affected at all by the relatively low-carb diet. Last weekend I went for a 4 hour trail run followed by a 2 hour road run the next morning, and surprisingly I managed through both without any GU! I only had a couple of dates and a home-made energy bar, which is mostly fat and protein and relatively low on carbs (watch this page for a recipe – still fine-tuning the ingredients). It might be too early for me to say that I will never be using energy gels on my runs, but I am trying to cut them down as much as possible.
  5. Never in my life have I eaten so many delicious home-cooked meals as during these last 4 weeks! Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen makes going Paleo so much more exciting!
  6. Another good point is that apart from eating more animal products, which is pretty obvious duh, I am eating way more vegetables than ever, especially raw fresh crispy veggie salads of all sorts – just like a rabbit!
  7. I am a snackoholic! I’ve always had this terrible habit of snacking a lot between meals: a handful of nuts here, an apple there… By the end of the day it used to accumulate to a sizable amount of calories that cannot always be justified. Eating Paleo is definitely helping me to fight this! I feel full for much longer after the meals and don’t have this overpowering urge to snack all the time.
  8. I am starting to slowly getting rid of this annoying “fat is making you fat” concept that health-related media has been imposing on us the last couple of decades. If it is true, than how come my body composition is improving while my fat intake has increased?
  9. My dearest BF has turned Vegan. He, who always loved himself nice juicy bacon, cheese and spaghetti bolognese has turned VEGAN! Now you can imaging what is happening in our kitchen! But its good fun, I am very curious to see how it goes and hopefully it will work for him. I mean, we all know that grains are evil, but then who am I to criticize someone else’s path to health? I’ll be happy with whatever works for him.
  10. I am definitely continuing with the Paleo lifestyle. Now looking at cutting down on nuts as too many nuts make me bloat. I love nuts though 😦

My advise to anyone who is thinking to try Paleo – definitely give it a shot for a month or so! If it doesn’t work for you – nothing will be lost. And you can eat bacon, isn’t that a good enough reason?

2 thoughts on “Paleo diet experiment – week 4. Whats next?

  1. leannenalani

    How great for you… Ironic that your BF went vegan. lol You will work it out, I’ll bet. You eat a lot of veggies with the Paleo diet, so that will work for him. Just not the meat part. Looks like you’ve found a lot of benefits!


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