Paleo diet experiment – Week 3, sugar cravings and half marathon

Week 3 of my paleo diet brought me some horrible sugar cravings. When I say “Horrible” this is exactly what I mean – totally unbearable and mind-blowing! I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to stuff my face with jellybeans and first food that would come to my mind in the morning was ice-cream…

It was twice as hard to resist this mental sugar attack knowing that this stuff is peacefully waiting for me in the kitchen cupboard. I thought I would go nuts and instead I was gorging on dates, raisins and bananas  – not a very fair substitute for chocolate though.

These terrible sugar cravings disappeared as unexpectedly as they attacked me – such a great relief. I can control myself pretty well, but I don’t think I could do that for more than a couple of days. I am really curious to know if this is a common sugar and carbs abstinence and others have also experienced something similar.

Another interesting experience last week was racing RAK half marathon – my first longish race on a Paleo diet. Frankly speaking this is my first 15km+ run after I have started this experiment and I was not sure how It will make me feel during the race.

My usual pre-race meal is oats with banana, but this time I just had a couple of dates, banana and some nuts. I do not normally take any nutrition during training runs below 25 km, but I do fuel up during half marathon races. Since I was not sure how my stomach would react to eating dates on a faster run, I have decided to stick with my usual Gu. Not very Paleo, I know, but man, it is only this time that I have realized how strong GU is! I have never had such a surge of energy after taking a gel before, it literally felt like I had a turbo engine propeller tied to my back! I am not sure if this is my current diet that has made me so sensitive to sugar, but I am inclined to think that it is! I felt like a kid with sugar rush after eating 2 chocolate bars!

Next coming week I am starting longer back-to-back runs as preparation for an ultra race in June, and I am planning to stick to raisins, dates and bananas as fuel on the runs instead of gels and energy bars.

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